Letter from the Founder

The Problem


I first learned about the need for accurate, affordable quality control reporting during my time in the Minitab sales department. I heard it over and over again from frustrated customers – they were paying full price for Minitab but were using only a small subset of the tools. Essentially, they wanted "Minitab-lite".

The alternatives to Minitab include Excel-based add-ins such as QIMacros and SigmaXL. These add-ins benefit from the misconception that "everyone knows how to use Excel".  While that may be generally true to some degree, not everyone is proficient in figuring out how these add-ins work.  Plus, some quality professionals are hesitant to use these tools for various reasons. 

So, I went exploring. After leaving Minitab, I spent many hours meeting with quality managers and learning about their quality control systems. It was clear that they needed something simple that they could trust. In many cases, measurement data was collected, but the quality managers knew they weren't leveraging the full power of that data to maximize the quality of their products. 

The Solution


I decided to start small. In 2018, I hired a team of software developers right here in State College, PA to help me create a web-based software tool – ARGOLYTICS™ was now up and running. Several former Minitab software developers heard about my venture and were excited to help. By the beginning of 2019, we had a fully operational alpha version that we shared with several local manufacturers. We were encouraged by their comments regarding the clean, intuitive interface and overall ease of use. Their feedback reinforced our goal to create a simple, accurate SPC and Capability reporting tool. 

Riding on the wave of success from the alpha trial, we decided to give our software venture a name: TRENDABLE™. We quickly moved into beta development and added new features and streamlined the navigation based on the feedback. An important decision was made to include automatic historical trending of key reporting metrics. This meant we could chart critical statistics such as mean and CPK values over time. This addition provides manufacturers greater visibility into how a process may be shifting and changing over months and years.... not just the past week.

We know we have our work cut out for us. Manufacturers can choose from a number of quality control tools. Our strategy is to deliver the clearest, most straightforward reports in an affordable, easy-to-use software platform.  We want our customers to feel confident they are getting accurate, polished quality reports for the best value.  

We believe that even the smallest shop has a right to accurate, affordable reports. Zero defects is possible!

Tamela Serensits


About the Founder

Tammy Serensits


Tammy Serensits hails from Buffalo, NY. Several members of her family work in manufacturing including her father and brother. At 17, she left home to attend Penn State University on an US Navy ROTC scholarship. Three months after 9/11, Tamela was a commissioned officer in the US Navy. She served four years - two years on the USS Leyte Gulf (CG 55) and two years at the Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Center in Norfolk VA. 

Honorably discharged from the Navy, Tammy and her husband relocated back to State College, PA. Her first job back in civilian life was with a local start-up company, Softgenetics. At Softgenetics, she wore many hats including product development, technical writer, and support.  Because of a few key connections, Tammy was contacted regarding a position on Minitab's sales team. Tammy took the offer and was soon traveling to various ASQ section meetings, statistical conferences, and customer sites across the country.

After 8 years in an outside sales role, Tammy was promoted to Commercial Sales Manager responsible for all direct and indirect non-academic sales in North, Central, and South America - totaling approximately 60% of Minitab revenue. 

After leaving Minitab, Tammy used her sales experience and started exploring manufacturers’ challenges with quality control. After dozens of conversations, she felt confident there was a need for a new type of solution and began the exciting journey of entrepreneurship.